Federal Policies
MAZON works with policymakers to protect and strengthen federal nutrition programs and advocate for public policies that address the root causes of hunger.
State and Local Policies
MAZON’s state and local initiatives extend our policy expertise to our partners in the Jewish community and the anti-hunger field. Together, we advance public education, community organizing, and policy proposals to eliminate hunger and protect the nutrition safety net.

Take Action

Urge Congress to protect SNAP and lift up other MAZON priorities in the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is one of the most transformational pieces of legislation that Congress regularly reauthorizes, and it is up for renewal. In addition to authorizing SNAP (food stamps) and other federal nutrition programs that serve tens of millions of Americans each year, the Farm Bill presents a unique opportunity to advance long-overdue policy solutions to the food security challenges of many special populations that MAZON prioritizes. Take action now.

Take Action to Support Military Families

Please join us in urging all members of Congress to address the long-overdue issue of military hunger. Take action now.

Tell Congress: Pass the Puerto Rico Nutrition Assistance Fairness Act

Though a huge portion of Puerto Rico’s population lives in poverty, a federal block grant prevents these U.S. citizens from receiving the same nutrition benefits as those living in states on the mainland. It is well past time to fix this egregious problem — residents of Puerto Rico are entitled to access the same nutrition assistance as all other Americans. Take action now.

Urge Congress to Reintroduce the Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act

Join us in urging Congress to reintroduce the Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act, which would enable Tribes to administer child nutrition programs in Indian Country and ensure culturally appropriate food. Take action now.

Urge Congress to Address Food Insecurity Among LGBTQ Older Adults

Congress must designate LGBTQ older adults as a population of “Greatest Social Need” to increase funding for LGBTQ-inclusive programs and help target local services to this population. Take action now.

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