Policy Solutions

MAZON offers a critical perspective on the urgency of ending hunger and forging a more just society. We collaborate with diverse stakeholders to showcase what’s possible: a country built on compassion, mutual support, and meaningful opportunity.
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Partnership Grants

MAZON invests in anti-hunger organizations across the country, partnering with them to advance public education, community organizing, and policy proposals to eliminate hunger. Together, we change people’s lives and challenge the status quo. Learn more.

Community Engagement

MAZON educates and engages individuals and communities about the scope of hunger in the and how we can work together to end it. We have created a suite of materials including K-12 curriculum, policy backgrounders, Jewish holiday resources, and infographics. Learn more.

Quick Reaction Fund

MAZON’s Quick Reaction Fund was created to enable and empower innovative, rapid-response initiatives that may emerge at a moment’s notice. Learn more.

This is Hunger

“I'm very proud to be a veteran, but to have protected freedom overseas and then come back home to struggle myself is very disheartening.”

“If sickness comes along, it can drain all your money in one day. That’s what happened to me.”

“My mom doesn’t know it, but I quit baseball so she wouldn’t have to spend money on my uniform.”

“I never used to worry about taking care of myself. With prices the way they are, my $20 in food stamps doesn't buy much food.”

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