Special Reports

Setting the Table for Food-Based Pro Bono Opportunities: A Resource Guide for Attorneys

MAZON partnered with the Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy at UCLA and Perkins Coie LLP on a joint report about how attorneys can help meet the needs of millions of Americans facing hunger. Read the report.

We’re Still Hungry: Lived Experiences with Food Insecurity and Food Programs Among LGBTQ People

MAZON was proud to be the motivating force behind new qualitative research about food insecurity among LGBTQ older adults, which is part of the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law’s “Pathways to Justice Project.” Read the report.

A Tipping Point: Leveraging Opportunities to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Food Bank Inventory

In 2018, MAZON released a groundbreaking research report that provides analysis and offers key recommendations to help the nation’s food banks decrease the amount of unhealthy food in the system with the goal of improving health outcomes. Read the report.

Stepping Up To The Plate

MAZON authored a resource guide that provides tools and strategies to help board members, executive directors, program staff and other stakeholders in the anti-hunger field integrate healthy food access into their organization’s work. Read the guide.

This is Hunger Book

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. For the rights of all the unfortunate. Speak up with fairness and justice and defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Buy the book.

Take Action

Take Action to Support Military Families

Please join us in urging all members of Congress to address the long-overdue issue of military hunger. Take action now.

Make a gift to MAZON’s Spotlight Fund

Your partnership allows MAZON to be the national Jewish voice dedicated to fighting hunger, particularly for those facing hunger whose struggles are too often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we have made a commitment to shine a spotlight on those issues and populations where larger organizations and the government have yet to turn their focus.

Your support of MAZON’s Spotlight Fund helps us fight hunger, particularly for those who are often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we shine a spotlight on issues of food insecurity among military families, veterans, Native Americans, single mothers, LGBTQ seniors, college students, and the people of Puerto Rico and the territories. Your gift today strengthens this mission and helps to build a community dedicated to ending hunger for everyone. Join us.

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