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Digital Experience

This Is Hunger is available as a digital experience for you or your community — from synagogues to schools to other communal or organizational groups — whether viewing together or individually. Please register to view and download the materials.

Permanent Exhibit in Los Angeles

MAZON’s full, museum-quality This Is Hunger exhibit is housed in a permanent space in Los Angeles. We invite community groups, educators, and organizations to use this meaningful and engaging exhibit space. Contact us for more information.

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Educational Materials

To accompany your This Is Hunger experience, MAZON has created a facilitation guide, wrap-around activities, and additional resources.

Explore the resources and please contact our Outreach team with any questions.

History of This Is Hunger

This Is Hunger was originally a traveling exhibit housed in a big-rig truck. The visceral, compelling exhibit traversed the United States, educating and engaging communities about the reality and scope of hunger in America. Over its 16-month tour, MAZON engaged 90 hosts organizations at over 70 stops in 30 states and DC, and welcomed more than 15,000 visitors, including a number of local, state, and federal elected officials.

This is Hunger

“When my food stamps run out, it’s kinda scary not knowing if I'm gonna have any money to eat tomorrow.”

“I'm very proud to be a veteran, but to have protected freedom overseas and then come back home to struggle myself is very disheartening.”

“Feeding my young grandson properly is the priority, so I have to find things that I know fill me up.”

“I never used to worry about taking care of myself. With prices the way they are, my $20 in food stamps doesn't buy much food.”

“We thought being in the military might be a way out of living paycheck to paycheck… I'm shocked that so many military families are standing in line at the food pantry because they really need help.”

“The food stamps we get aren’t enough to feed four people for a month. It makes me feel sad that my parents sometimes feed us kids and not themselves.”

“We were one of those couples that purchased the house we could afford...”

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