Justice in Kentucky

By MAZON Staff
April 22, 2020

MAZON’s Quick Reaction Fund was created in 2017 to allow us and our partners to take rapid-response action against programs or policies that may threaten access to food assistance across the country.

Just before entering quarantine, the Kentucky state legislature positioned itself to pass HB 1, a bill that would have had a devastating impact on people in Kentucky who need to access public assistance programs.

With support from MAZON, the Kentucky Equal Justice Center succeeded in beating back this terrible proposal. They developed a digital campaign, aimed at Kentucky legislators, to spotlight the grim potential impact of the bill on Kentuckians. Just as this advocacy campaign was ending, the Kentucky legislature called an impromptu press conference announcing the failure of HB 1. MAZON and our partners in Kentucky have a long road ahead to fully address food insecurity in a state where such a large percentage of the population is vulnerable — but this was an important victory along that road.

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