MAZON Stands in Solidarity With Racial Justice Protests

By Abby J. Leibman
and Liza Lieberman
June 19, 2020

Our hearts are heavy as we stand in solidarity with friends and partners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Los Angeles, Louisville, Atlanta, New York, Washington, DC, and around the country — all those fighting injustice and yearning for peace.

The words of our founder, Leonard (Leibel) Fein, z”l, ring as true as ever:

“The work of justice cannot proceed outside the context of community.”

We also know that racism goes beyond individual acts of bigotry, hatred, and violence. It infects the beliefs, policies, and institutions that limit opportunity, allow discrimination, and perpetuate inequalities. As anti-hunger advocates, we acknowledge the reality that we cannot end hunger without confronting racism.

So, today, we recommit to justice, to community, and to peace. Please stay safe and well, and take care of each other.

As part of our commitment to racial justice, MAZON is asking its supporters to support Campaign Zero, an organization dedicated to identifying solutions, providing research & data to organizers and policymakers, and advocating to end police violence nationwide.

MAZON will match every gift made to Campaign Zero dollar-for-dollar, up to $18,000. Please email your donation receipt to

Donate to Campaign Zero.