Following Violence, Congress Must Ensure Peaceful Transfer of Power

January 7, 2021

We welcomed Congress’ return to business following yesterday’s insurrectionist violence that threatened to undermine the democratic process and disrupted the processes to certify the Electoral College vote. Abby J. Leibman, MAZON’s President & CEO, condemned the violence and urged Congress to move forward to ensure a peaceful transfer of power and to protect the nation’s most vulnerable who are often most at risk in moments of national crisis:

“The insurrectionist violence on Capitol Hill yesterday did nothing more than attempt to undermine our nation’s democracy, constitution, and the effectiveness of the United States Government. A peaceful transfer of power is not only important for ensuring our elected officials can do their jobs, but it is critical to ensure our nation’s most vulnerable are protected and have access to everything needed to survive, including food. In times of national crisis, the most vulnerable are the most at risk among us. Governmental dysfunction and yesterday’s violence only make their lives more difficult and our country more dangerous.

We welcome the return to work by Congress hours after the violence. We hope that their return to the House and Senate chambers is the start of a new chapter of governing that includes a renewed commitment to promoting the general welfare and championing the cause of those most in need. We look forward to working with the incoming Biden Administration and members of the 117th Congress to inspire restored faith in American lawmakers and provide much-needed relief to food insecurity in these trying times.”