Lisa O'Brien

Senior Program Manager

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Lisa O’Brien, Program Manager for MAZON ’s Rural & Remote Initiative, leads program and public policy efforts to address food insecurity in these underserved communities. Lisa brought her strong project management skills to MAZON in 2010, after a twenty-year career in animation and visual effects production. She has a B.A. in American Literature and Culture from UCLA.

Articles by Lisa O'Brien

Rural Work: Hunger Among Native American Communities

A Gentile at a Jewish Organization

I didn’t learn about MAZON in my synagogue, or summer camp, or Hillel. As a gentile, my first exposure to MAZON came from my involvement in the Anti-Hunger field. 

Native Hunger, Native Advocacy

Hunger in Native American communities is prevalent and staggering, but MAZON is partnering with advocates who are working towards a brighter future.