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MAZON launched our work with members of the military and veterans after our partners (food banks, food pantries and anti-hunger organizations) voiced concerns that a growing number of currently serving military and veteran families are seeking food assistance. Too many service members and veterans find themselves struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families. Some have completed their military service and now cannot find employment, and others remain on active duty but find that their pay as enlisted personnel won’t cover their basic living expenses, including food. MAZON leads national advocacy efforts on this often-ignored issue because we believe that those who make significant sacrifices for our country should never struggle to put food on the table.

Ashley Circle Image TemplateI'm shocked that so many military families are standing in line at the food pantry because they really need help.
- Ashley, California

 Read Ashley's story. 

For several years, MAZON has been leading the national effort on many different fronts: pushing for data so that we can better understand the prevalence of the problem, proposing policy solutions to break down barriers and exploring ways that families can connect with available benefits. Our goal is to remove the real and perceived barriers that prevent veterans and currently serving military families from accessing vital food assistance programs. 

While the issue continues to receive periodic public attention, there is much work to be done.

Learn more about MAZON's Veterans initiative here.

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Tell Congress to address military hunger in the NDAA! 
For nearly a decade, MAZON has made it a priority to understand and address the unique challenges of military families who struggle with food insecurity. It's unacceptable that tens of thousands of service members are shut out of accessing SNAP and other food assistance programs, and must quietly turn for help to food pantries. And now, the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the financial challenges of even more military families.

America's men and women in uniform fight for our freedom; MAZON is fighting to ensure they have freedom from hunger. Please join MAZON in urging your members of Congress to immediately resolve this shameful and long-overlooked problem.

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Highlights of our recent activities to address this issue

  • Media Coverage About MAZON’s Leadership on Military Hunger: The long-overlooked issue of military hunger has been gaining media attention, including recent articles in, Military Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, and more. The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board weighed in as well, saying that “one way or another, Congress and the administration must fix this problem.” The Herald-Dispatch in West Virginia ran an opinion piece written by MAZON’s board chair and a member of the state’s House of Delegates. July 2019
  • Military Hunger Prevention Act of 2019: Representatives Susan Davis (D-CA-53) and Don Young (R-AK-At Large) introduced this bipartisan legislation to address the long-overlooked issue of food insecurity among military families. Congressman Young issued a statement declaring that “Our Nation’s service members are willing to fight and die for our country, and we should be providing them with the funds and resources necessary to ensure that they can feed their families.” July 2019
  • NBC Special Report on Military Hunger: MAZON's longstanding work on the issue of hunger among currently serving members of the military and their families was highlighted in an NBC special report on the Today Show and NBC Nightly News. July 2019
  • Military Family Basic Needs Allowance: MAZON recently secured a provision in the House NDAA bill that would help ensure that military families can meet their most basic needs, including food. June 2019
  • Letter from 60 Members of Congress to Protect SNAP for Veterans: MAZON worked closely with the House Veterans Affairs Committee to draft and circulate a letter from Members of Congress urging USDA to rescind its proposed rule change to restrict SNAP for certain individuals who struggle with food insecurity, including veterans. May 2019
  • Comments to USDA about SNAP Waiver Rule Change Proposal: Just days after passage of the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill, the Trump administration proposed a rule through USDA to crack down on existing work requirement waivers for SNAP. MAZON submitted comments and developed materials about how this rule change proposal would have a particularly negative impact on veterans, who often face unique challenges in securing and maintaining full-time work. March 2019
  • #FreedomFromHunger Video Campaign: In honor of Veteran’s Day, MAZON produced a video about the unacceptable problem of veteran hunger in America and delivered #FreedomFromHunger plates to legislators in Washington, urging them to advance policies that help veterans and others who struggle to put food on the table. November 2018
  • Farm Bill Proposal Gets Military Food Stamp Policy Wrong: MAZON featured in Op-Ed with Blue Star Families on how Farm Bill's proposals could pull the rug out from under millions of Americans, among them thousands of currently serving members of our nation's armed forces. April 2018
  • Veteran Farm Bill Panel: MAZON’s Vice President of Public Policy, Josh Protas, moderated a Congressional briefing on the upcoming Farm Bill and programs benefiting food insecure veterans and veteran farmers. January 2018
  • "Hunger, Nutrition, and the Military: Are We Fit to Fight?" Panel: Sat on briefing and panel discussion put on by The Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University and the House Hunger Caucus. March 2017
  • Military Hunger Prevention Act of 2018: MAZON works with Rep. Susan A. Davis [D-CA] to introduce a bill to exclude the BAH from counting as income for determining eligibility for SNAP. The bill currently has 61 bipartisan congressional sponsors. February 2017
  • Statement on Nomination of David Shulkin as Veterans Affairs SecretaryMAZON welcomes President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Dr. David Shulkin as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. As undersecretary for health at the Department of Veterans Affairs – an appointment by President Obama in 2015 – Dr. Shulkin has increased the department’s efforts to identify and address hunger among veterans. January 2017
  • Military Hunger Prevention Act of 2016: If enacted, this legislation will make a meaningful difference to the tens of thousands of currently serving military families who struggle with food insecurity yet face a needless barrier to accessing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). November 2016
  • Military Hunger Summit: This summit convened 24 military service organizations, public officials and anti-hunger organizations to address the unique challenges faced by active duty military and veteran families. June 2016
  • Ensuring Veteran Food Security Work Group: After advocacy efforts from MAZON, the VA initiated this working group to better coordinate VA efforts, develop and pilot food insecurity screening tools, establish a process for SNAP referrals and enrollment, and create partnerships with community groups to better support veterans’ needs. April 2016
  • National Hunger SederUsing the traditions and symbols of the Passover holiday, we brought together partners and colleagues from Congress, the Administration, USDA, and military and veterans service organizations to our nation's capitol, reaffirming together our commitment to ensure that all who are hungry can come and eat. April 2016

  • Webinar Training for VA Social Workers
: In partnership with USDA Food and Nutrition Service, this accredited training on Veteran Food Insecurity and SNAP will be offered to more than 12,000 social workers and dietitians in the VA system. March 2016 

  • Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on food insecurity among active duty military families
: Our advocacy efforts initiated this study, and we are a primary advisor on available data, suggested research and site visits. Early 2016 
  • MAZON testified before Congress: Abby J. Leibman was called as an expert witness on hunger among military and veteran families. Watch testimony. January 2016
  • National Hunger Commission Advances MAZON Recommendations: All three of MAZON’s recommendations included in Mia Hubbard’s June 2015 testimony were included in the National Hunger Commission’s final report. January 2016
  • Congressional Briefings on Veteran Food Insecurity
: Co-hosted by Reps. Tim Walz (D-MN) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and  Sens. Al Franken (D-MN) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in partnership with The American Legion, USDA Food and Nutrition Service and University of Minnesota - School of Public Health. November 2015 
  • Veterans Day Twitter Chat: 
In partnership with MomsRising and Military Officers Association of America, our #FoodFri chat raised awareness about food insecurity among active duty military and veteran families. The chat had over 1,000 tweets and reached almost 700,000. November 2015 
  • National Commission on Hunger Testimony: MAZON’s VP of Programs, Mia Hubbard, was invited to testify before the National Commission on Hunger. She urged them to do more to address hunger among active duty military families and veterans by: Demanding more data to accurately document food insecurity levels; Removing policy barriers that deny active duty military families the nutrition assistance resources they need; Urging agency collaboration to ensure disabled veterans are able to access food benefits. June 2015

  • National Defense Authorization Act amendment: MAZON helped craft a bipartisan amendment to help struggling military families access SNAP benefits. The amendment was not included in the final bill, BUT did help call attention to the long-ignored issue of hunger among military families. June 2015 
  • Amicus Brief: MAZON filed an amicus brief in The American Legion et al. vs. McDonald, to argue for improved access to the benefits veterans have earned. The brief argues that a Veterans Administration final rule placed onerous barriers between disabled vets and the benefits they seek, including SNAP. May 2015 
  • VA Chaplains Webinar: MAZON’s Director of Government, Josh Protas, led a webinar to a group of VA chaplains nationwide. This first-ever webinar about food insecurity for this group of VA staff covered SNAP awareness and the barriers that veterans face when accessing benefits. June 2015 
  • FIX FSSA: MAZON called on the Department of Defense to significantly reform its Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance, a nutrition support system for those on active military duty who are unable to provide enough food for themselves and their families. January 2015


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