Emerging Advocacy Fund

Since our founding in 1985, MAZON has been committed to addressing food insecurity through policy change. We are proud of our pioneering role in building a strong and effective anti-hunger infrastructure in diverse communities across the U.S. We are equally proud that, through MAZON’s Emerging Advocacy Fund, we support partners in some of the most food-insecure states in the country — places where systems often are failing, policymakers often turn the other way, and people face a variety of barriers to assistance. These partnership grants are structured to increase or sustain staff capacity at anti-hunger organizations throughout the country, helping to advance long-term solutions to hunger in their communities.

Partner Highlights

Feeding Louisiana

The support we receive from MAZON has allowed us to rapidly and effectively advocate on the state and federal level to get vital food, funding, and access to Louisiana families facing hunger and our partners on the ground.”

Center for Rural Affairs

“The stakes are even higher today as communities of all sizes struggle to overcome the health and economic consequences of COVID-19. Support from MAZON will allow us, for the first time, to advance anti-hunger advocacy in Nebraska state policy and begin the process of building a food policy initiative designed to improve lives across the nation.”

Take Action

This is Hunger

“Feeding my young grandson properly is the priority, so I have to find things that I know fill me up.”

“We were one of those couples that purchased the house we could afford...”

“When my food stamps run out, it’s kinda scary not knowing if I'm gonna have any money to eat tomorrow.”

“My mom doesn’t know it, but I quit baseball so she wouldn’t have to spend money on my uniform.”

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