MAZON issues an annual report and a biannual newsletter to keep supporters informed about our work. We have also published special reports related to our work in the charitable food system. 


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We pursue meaningful change in the face of uncertainty.



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Our Collective Responsibility: Leading by Action



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TippingPointReport Full Cover

A Tipping Point: Leveraging Opportunities to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Food Bank Inventory

In 2018, MAZON released a groundbreaking research report that provides analysis and offers key recommendations to help the nation’s food banks decrease the amount of unhealthy food in the system with the goal of improving health outcomes. 

Read A Tipping Point here.


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Stepping Up To The Plate

MAZON authored a resource guide that provides tools and strategies to help board members, executive directors, program staff and other stakeholders in the anti-hunger field integrate healthy food access into their organization’s work.

Read the resource guide here.



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CHOP Implementation Guide

MAZON authored a step-by-step plan to help food banks implement the Choose Healthy Options Program (CHOP™), a framework that helps food banks to acquire and distribute more nutritious product.

Download the guide here.