Yom Kippur

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Why Social Action on Yom Kippur? 

Every day, millions of Americans go hungry and are forced to skip meals because of circumstance. On Yom Kippur, we choose to skip meals and go hungry as part of our Jewish celebration, but we are blessed to have the choice.

Even if our hunger lasts only a day, it is enough to make us aware of the challenge hunger presents to those who experience it. This year, take your experience with hunger and turn it into a meaningful action.


  • Donate to MAZON in place of the meals you are skipping when you fast. You can also donate the amount it would cost to have an additional person at your break fast meal.
  • Tell your friends and family about your donation and ask them to consider doing the same. 
  • College students: bring this activity to Hillel, your dorm or campus dining facilities. Ask fellow students to donate to MAZON in honor of the meals they skipped. 
  • Engage in meaningful discussion about the issue of hunger:

Why are millions of people still going hungry?
What can we do to help?

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