Downloadable Collateral

We offer many materials to help promote and engage others in your Walk. Email us at to personalize ads and flyers or with any questions.

Sample Bulletin Ads

MAZONWalk Ad 2We'll help you create personalized ads to put in your bulletins or share on your website and social media. 

Sample Flyer

MAZONWalk Flyer imageWe'll help you create personalized flyers to print and distribute to promote your walk.


MAZONWalk Poster2 imageHave walkers carry posters during your walk to increase the impact! Download our poster (jpg | pdf) or create your own using our slogan ideas below. You can also easily create your own posters using the provided stickers. 

Poster Slogan Ideas


WALK stickerUse stickers to easily create posters and other materials. Email us at for more information. 


MAZONWalk banner imageFor a substantial impact, print a large vinyl or canvas banner for the leaders to carry. Download pdf