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Every year at Passover, we affirm our obligation to care for one another by proclaiming the words "Let all who are hungry come and eat." This year, join MAZON in our work to end hunger in America by taking action and using the holiday resources provided below.

We also want to recognize that this will be a very different Passover for most of us, for a whole host of reasons, in the face of COVID-19. We hope our resources will find a place in your observances. Certainly, as many people struggle to put food on the table - as already tight finances become tighter, or for seniors and other immunocompromised groups find themselves with limited access to resources - we find the messages of the Hunger Seder all the more poignant and pressing. We wish you and your loved ones Chag Purim Sameach - next year, in a world of health. Next year, in a world without hunger.

Passover Reflections for Your Digital Seder

We are honored to feature some short teachings from a number of our clergy partners, reflecting on Pesach, the Seder, and the Exodus story with an anti-hunger lens. We always observe Pesach with the exhortation to “let all who are hungry come and eat” ringing in our ears, but this year is different (how is this night different from all other nights, indeed). Collectively, we have seen how the pressures of coronavirus have only exacerbated needs that already existed. We see so plainly how dearly we need a robust safety net. Folks in our community that have never experienced food insecurity may suddenly have anxieties about feeding themselves and their family – whether because of new financial strain, time deficiencies for those juggling increased responsibilities with less support, or challenges in finding staples at the grocery store as the system responds to panic buying. The teachings we have gathered hold these new realities in tension and cohesion with our tradition.

We have found solace in hearing words of wisdom from our friends and teachers in the clergy - we hope you will as well.

Cantor Jason Kaufman, on a new Pesach and new struggles

Rabbi Jay Kornsgold, on karpas

Rabbi Nina Mandel, on charoset

Cantor Danny Maseng, on Matzah

Rabbi Lydia Medwin, on questions

MAZON Board Treasurer, Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky, shares a Passover message of comfort

Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg, on Elijah

Rabbi Jeffrey Schein, on the Omer

Rabbi Peter Stein, on hope and home

Rabbi Victor Urecki, on Kashrut

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, on "Let all who are hungry come and eat"

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This Passover season, virtual togetherness is more important than ever. A donation to MAZON moves our vital work forward and honors the people you love. Chag Pesach Sameach from our families to yours.

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Incorporate The Fifth Question into your Passover Seder

Each Pesach we ask, why is this night different than all other nights? We should ask, why is every other night not held to the same standard – that all who are hungry come and eat? And to truly add insult to injury, why do we allow those who struggle with hunger to be shamed?

This year, please join us as we again ask The Fifth Question: Why do we allow people who are struggling in America to be shamed?


Print The Fifth Question Haggadah insert and put a copy at each place setting. After the youngest person reads the four questions from the Haggadah, ask The Fifth Question and reflect on the question as a group. If you are having a digital gathering, or simply sharing Passover reflections with loved ones over email, please consider sharing this resource with them.

Host a Hunger Seder  

Use our Hunger Seder Haggadah, which orients the entire seder experience around hunger. You may find it as a pdf on our website, or featured on invites Jews of all backgrounds to personalize their own haggadah using the 10,000+ community contributed seder resources on our website. is a project of Custom & Craft, a nonprofit design lab using technology, media and user experience to imagine new formats for engaging in ancient traditions. More than 100,000 users make their own haggadot and DIY Jewish ritual materials each year on their sites.

You Can Help Those Who Are Hungry

Take action by advocating for increased funding for nutrition support programs so that no one will have to endure the painful experience of hunger. Stay informed about MAZON’s efforts to defend critical nutrition assistance programs by signing up to receive our advocacy emails.

Organize a campaign in your community to raise awareness about hunger in America and what we can do to address it. (See downloadable resources below.)

Share Your Blessings

Donate to MAZON. Give as much as you can or what you would have spent feeding one more person at your Seder table.

Tell your story to the extended MAZON family. After your seder, email and tell us about your discussion; and/or, share a picture or story from your Seder on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us (@mazonusa). Your words might inspire others to take action and fight hunger themselves!

Downloadable Materials

Hunger Seder Cover

2020 MAZON Hunger Seder Haggadah (pdf)

Fifth Question 2020 insert NormalPDFupdated

 Fifth Question Haggadah Insert (pdf)

2019Passover Ad jpg

Quarter-page ad (pdf | jpg)

Passover Sermon Starters for Rabbis 2019

Sermon Starters for Rabbis (pdf)

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