We are proud to feature short video reflections from MAZON's clergy partners — reflecting on Passover, the Seder, and the Exodus story with an anti-hunger lens. Please consider using these reflections during your virtual seder to inspire others to join our fight to end hunger.

Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky, On Looking Ahead At Better Times

Cantor Lisa Doob, On Matzah

Rabbi Howard Jaffe, On Ha Lachma Anya

Rabbi Jay Kornsgold, On Karpas

Rabbi Lydia Medwin, On Questioning

Rabbi Peter Rigler, On Elijah’s Cup

Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg, On Elijah

Rabbi Michael Rothbaum, On Urchatz

Rabbis Feivel and Sydni Rubenstein, Dayeinu

Rabbi Victor Urecki, On Plague of Darkness

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat

Thank you to our clergy partners for sharing their wise Passover reflections: Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky (Teaneck, NJ), Cantor Lisa Doob (Lexington, MA), Rabbi Howard Jaffe (Lexington, MA), Rabbi Jay Kornsgold (East Windsor, NJ), Rabbi Lydia Medwin (Atlanta, GA), Rabbi Peter Rigler (Broomall, PA), Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg (St. Louis, MO), Rabbi Michael Rothbaum (Acton, MA), Rabbis Feivel and Sydni Rubenstein (Shreveport, LA), Rabbi Victor Urecki (Charleston, WV), and Rabbi Elyse Wechterman (Wyncote, PA).

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