All of us at MAZON were very much looking forward to this year’s event on June 8th, but we have made the difficult choice to postpone the event due to the current COVID reality.

While we were so excited to gather in person to celebrate MAZON’s work and award Marcie Zelikow the inaugural Justice Award for Advancing the Response to Hunger, ensuring the safety of our community is the most important concern at this time.

Please click here to learn more and see our wonderful list of sponsors. If you are an event sponsor or had purchased a ticket, those benefits will be retained for the new date and we will send more information along as we have it!

We share our disappointment that we won’t be able to celebrate as planned, but we remain so very grateful to the MAZON community for their steadfast support.

Take Action

Make a gift to MAZON’s Spotlight Fund

Your partnership allows MAZON to be the national Jewish voice dedicated to fighting hunger, particularly for those facing hunger whose struggles are too often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we have made a commitment to shine a spotlight on those issues and populations where larger organizations and the government have yet to turn their focus.

Your support of MAZON’s Spotlight Fund furthers this work, allowing us to fight to end hunger among military families, veterans, Native Americans, single mothers, LGBTQ seniors, the people of Puerto Rico and the territories, and all who struggle. Your gift today strengthens this mission and helps to build a community dedicated to ending hunger for everyone. Join us.

Impact Report

With your support, in 2020 MAZON made great strides in the arduous process of getting families the immediate assistance they deserve, safely and with dignity. In so doing, we have advanced toward our ultimate objective: ending hunger in America for all. Read our 2020 Impact Report.

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