Matching Gifts & Corporate Giving

To increase the impact of your support for MAZON, enter the name of your company/organization below to see if it supports matching charitable gifts by employees. Please contact your employer’s human resources department and request matching gift information and instructions.

If your company matches employee donations, please complete the online application or mail their form to the address below:

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Attn: Matching Gifts Coordinator

15303 Ventura Blvd. #1100,

Sherman Oaks CA 91403


Take Action

Take Action to Support Military Families

Please join us in urging all members of Congress to address the long-overdue issue of military hunger. Take action now.

Make a gift to MAZON’s Spotlight Fund

Your partnership allows MAZON to be the national Jewish voice dedicated to fighting hunger, particularly for those facing hunger whose struggles are too often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we have made a commitment to shine a spotlight on those issues and populations where larger organizations and the government have yet to turn their focus.

Your support of MAZON’s Spotlight Fund helps us fight hunger, particularly for those who are often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we shine a spotlight on issues of food insecurity among military families, veterans, Native Americans, single mothers, LGBTQ seniors, college students, and the people of Puerto Rico and the territories. Your gift today strengthens this mission and helps to build a community dedicated to ending hunger for everyone. Join us.

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