MAZON’s 2023 Farm Bill Priorities

April 25, 2023

Every 5 years, the Farm Bill authorizes programs like SNAP and other federal nutrition programs that serve tens of millions of Americans each year. It presents a unique opportunity to advance long-overdue policy solutions to the food security challenges of many special populations that MAZON prioritizes.

The next Farm Bill must protect against hunger by strengthening SNAP and other essential federal nutrition assistance programs, remove barriers to access for struggling individuals and families, and increase access to affordable, nutritious foods for vulnerable populations to support good nutrition and health.


The 2023 Farm Bill should:
✓Protect and Strengthen the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
✓Empower Tribal Food Sovereignty and Address Food Insecurity in Indian Country
Improve Equity and Food Security for the People of Puerto Rico
Promote Food Security Among Active-Duty Military Families
Address Food Insecurity Among Veterans
Remove Barriers to SNAP for Single Mothers
Improve Nutrition Support for LGBTQ+ Older Adults


Regardless of circumstance, no one deserves hunger. Every person should be able to feed themselves and their families with dignity and choice. The federal government fulfills this moral calling and our collective responsibility to care for those among us who struggle with hunger.

Click here to read our full list of priorities for the next Farm Bill.