Ahead of Hanukkah, MAZON Expresses Deep Concern about Rising Antisemitism on College Campuses

December 4, 2023

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, whose programs include Challah for Hunger on dozens of colleges and universities, expressed deep concern about rising antisemitism on college campuses across the U.S. MAZON issued the following statement today ahead of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and in response to a new survey by Hillel International, which found that more than half of Jewish students feel less safe since the October 7th Hamas attacks in Israel, and that their schools have not done enough to support them.

“We are deeply troubled by the staggering climate of antisemitism, in all the forms it is taking today, particularly at colleges and universities,” said Abby J. Leibman, MAZON’s President & CEO. “It is incomprehensible that nearly 75% of Jewish students have experienced or witnessed some form of antisemitism in recent weeks. At the same time, we have heard from student leaders and staff advisors that engaging with Challah for Hunger — coming together to bake and sell challah to support anti-hunger initiatives locally and nationally — has provided a great source of comfort and community during this time, including across diverse communities on campus. We are committed to fostering a safe space for Jewish and non-Jewish students alike to come together with a shared commitment to ending hunger and seeking social justice. Together, we must do all that we can to ensure college campuses are safe spaces for nurturing understanding, learning, and community — free from antisemitism and all forms of hate.”