MAZON Responds to Attacks in Israel: “We Are Heartbroken”

October 7, 2023

Over the weekend, the leading national anti-hunger organization MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger responded to the devastating terrorist attacks in Israel. Abby J. Leibman, MAZON’s President & CEO, said:

“We are heartbroken by the assault against Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists. We are horrified about what this means for stability in the region and anti-Semitism around the world. We remain deeply concerned about rising levels of hunger in Israel — particularly since we know that during times of crisis and war, people facing hunger and poverty are even more vulnerable. In the days and weeks ahead, we will coordinate closely with our partners to understand how best to move forward in our shared goal of ending food insecurity in Israel for all those who struggle.

“Our hearts are heavy and we are anxious for the safety of our family, friends, colleagues, and partners in Israel. We are grief-stricken by the loss of innocent lives — including people on both sides of the border who have been working for decades to make the region more peaceful, democratic, and food-secure.

“As a Jewish organization, we remain rooted in the belief that all people are created b’tselem Elohim, in the image of God. This means that every person — regardless of ethnicity, background, religion, or circumstance — deserves to reach the fullness of their potential. As MAZON has done for nearly four decades in the U.S. and Israel, we will continue working to end hunger and ensure that all people can feed themselves with the dignity, freedom, and safety they deserve.”