Hanukkah is a time to rededicate ourselves to our core Jewish values. Please join MAZON in making this call to action a reality by utilizing our Hanukkah materials for your family or community celebrations and contact Liz Braun-Lilenfeld, Director of Outreach, with any questions.

Send Hanukkah E-Cards

Hanukkah e-cards are a special way to honor your loved ones and celebrate together while helping MAZON fight hunger.

Hunger during Hanukkah

Hanukkah shines a metaphorical light on an often-overlooked crisis in our society: hunger and food insecurity. As we light the candles on the menorah, we look to a future where one night of oil — the crisis of hunger — turns into a lifetime of support.

Your community can help end hunger.

For many, the fifth night of Hanukkah has become a night to give back, encouraging children to share their gifts with those less fortunate. Consider taking it one step further by shining a light on hunger and fundraising for MAZON's work to change the systems and policies that allow hunger to persist.

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