MAZON Hunger Shabbat

Shabbat offers a weekly opportunity to speak about the Jewish teachings and traditions that ground our work to end hunger. Just as every community is different, Hunger Shabbat programming can be tailored to your unique needs and interests. Some congregations hold an annual Shabbat service or educational program, and others focus on hunger as a theme for a season or year. No matter how you choose to raise awareness in your community, we hope MAZON’s resources will help you create an educational and empowering experience.

Please contact Paul Sherman, Senior Outreach Manager, to let us know you are planning a Hunger Shabbat. We will support you with the latest resources to inform and engage your congregants, and we would love to share your d’var torah, reflection, or photos.


Hunger Shabbat text study
Jewish texts about poverty and hunger

This is Hunger

"I make sure that my son eats and then I worry about myself. That’s just what a parent does. I take him to a lunch program to make sure he’s getting food."

“When my food stamps run out, it’s kinda scary not knowing if I'm gonna have any money to eat tomorrow.”

“We were one of those couples that purchased the house we could afford...”

“I’m doing all I can and serving my country, and I have to worry about how I’m going to buy food?”

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