Connect Your Jewish Activities To Helping Others

Jewish holidays are full of meaningful ritual and spirituality, and they are also a guide to ethical living. Their themes have endured for thousands of years because they speak to what’s good in all of us: our desire to build community, to exist in harmony with our natural environment and each other, and to create societies driven by justice and compassion. We bring these Jewish values to life through our activism and advocacy.

MAZON has created projects that connect hunger-related education and advocacy with the Jewish holidays:

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On Passover, we say 'Let all who are hungry, come and eat.' Make this call to action a reality.


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Yom Kippur

On Yom Kippur, we choose to skip meals and go hungry as part of our Jewish celebration, but we are blessed to have the choice.


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Sukkot celebrates the importance of providing for those who are the most vulnerable.


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Chanuakah is a time to rededicate ourselves to our core Jewish values.


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The story of Purim teaches us the importance of advocacy, justice and community.