Every year at Passover, we affirm our obligation to care for one another by proclaiming “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” Please join MAZON in making this call to action a reality by utilizing our Passover materials for your family or community celebrations and contact Paul Sherman, Outreach Manager, with any questions.

Send Passover E-Cards – link coming soon!
As we prepare to celebrate Passover virtually for a second year, Passover e-cards are a special way to honor your loved ones and celebrate together. A donation to MAZON helps us fight for a world in which no one faces hunger, both during the pandemic and thereafter.
Watch Clergy Videos – link coming soon!
We hope you will find comfort and inspiration, as we do, in video reflections from MAZON’s Jewish clergy partners around the country. We invite you to watch and share these videos, and please consider showing them during your virtual seder to inspire others to join MAZON’s work to end hunger.
Add Fifth Question to Your Seder
MAZON’s “Fifth Question” Haggadah insert brings a new reflection about hunger to your seder table. This year, join us in asking: How will we retell the story of this past year, and all it has wrought?
Host a Hunger Seder
MAZON’s Hunger Seder Haggadah orients the entire seder experience around hunger. Use this resource with your family, and please contact us if you’d like to plan a community seder.
Share MAZON’s Passover Ads
We encourage you to feature MAZON’s Passover ads in your synagogue’s mailings or virtual newsletters, as a way to spread awareness about how your community can join MAZON in our fight against hunger.
Integrate Hunger into Passover Sermons
Use your voice to educate your community about hunger, and why the Passover story compels us to protect the most vulnerable among us. Please refer to these sermon starters for inspiration.
Order Materials
Fill out our online form to order MAZON materials including donation envelopes, newsletters, tzedakah boxes, and story cards.

Your community can help end hunger.

Please consider taking your observance of Passover one step further by fundraising for MAZON's work to change the systems and policies that allow hunger to persist.


Sharing stories of people struggling with food insecurity is a powerful way to help your community better understand the realities of who is hungry in America today and why. MAZON’s This Is Hunger program includes stories that are ideal for sharing in sermons or holiday study sessions.

This is Hunger

“My mom doesn’t know it, but I quit baseball so she wouldn’t have to spend money on my uniform.”

“I barely make ends meet. I don’t use the lights during the day, and I don’t buy as much food as I’d like.”

"I make sure that my son eats and then I worry about myself. That’s just what a parent does. I take him to a lunch program to make sure he’s getting food."

“We were one of those couples that purchased the house we could afford...”

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