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There are many ways synagogues partner with MAZON — through community action, events, holiday celebrations, awareness campaigns, and everything in between. Whether you join us in our local organizing campaigns, include MAZON in various observances and lifecycle events, or use our educational materials, we are delighted for the opportunity to engage you in this important and meaningful work.

We look forward to supporting your congregation in making an impact in the fight to end hunger. For more information, please contact Paul Sherman, Senior Outreach Manager.

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This is Hunger

“I never imagined I’d get to this age and this would be my life... but if I could get $40 or $50 in food stamps, I could feed myself.”

“We thought being in the military might be a way out of living paycheck to paycheck… I'm shocked that so many military families are standing in line at the food pantry because they really need help.”

“The food stamps we get aren’t enough to feed four people for a month. It makes me feel sad that my parents sometimes feed us kids and not themselves.”

“I barely make ends meet. I don’t use the lights during the day, and I don’t buy as much food as I’d like.”

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