MAZON Taking Action

twitter Jan 9, 2017

Thanks @SecretaryCastro for answering the call and reducing veteran homelessness nearly in half. 

The surprising results of the 2016 election cycle have sent shock waves through the political world, leading advocates and interest groups scrambling to comprehend and plan for the new reality ahead.  The implications for federal anti-hunger policies are chilling, with evidence of a more difficult political environment already playing out in the recently concluded Lame Duck session of Congress.

MAZON wanted to outline in broad strokes the challenges we anticipate confronting ahead.

Our organizations, which make up the National Anti-Hunger Organizations, are committed to ensuring a strong and effective national nutrition safety net for vulnerable, low-income individuals and families. With a united voice, we reflect on the hunger problem in America and its solutions as we transition to a new president and a new Congress.

twitter Dec 8, 2016

Thanks and for leadership pushing for CNR bill with helpful improvements. Disappointed this didn't get done.

twitter Dec 7, 2016

Military pay/benefits top concern for families in survey. Removing SNAP barrier will help