MAZON Taking Action

A Hunger Crisis in the L.G.B.T. Community

"Military families shouldn't struggle with hunger. But they do - and that needs to stop."

"As an African-American woman representing a Jewish organization working in Indian Country, I call up our common history of genocide, persecution and discrimination as a starting place for shared analysis and perspective. But I do so knowing that non-Natives cannot direct the struggle for Native food security, no matter how well-meaning we are."

twitter Jun 20, 2016

@HillaryClinton put a spotlight on hunger among military families. Our military hunger work:

Clintonremarks insta

twitter Jun 15, 2016

Glad we can count on @stabenow to support military + vet food insecurity issues and to fight for a strong #CNR2016

twitter Jun 15, 2016

THX @joniernst @SenGillibrand for calling on Sec. McDonald + @DeptVetAffairs to take a more proactive response to hunger among vets.