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article We Support: Congress: Adequately fund the Census Bureau in 2017-2018 Apr 20, 2017

We, the undersigned faith organizations and members of the Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs, urge you to increase funding for the U.S. Census Bureau in the House and Senate Commerce, Justice, and Science bills for Fiscal Year 2017 and Fiscal Year 2018. Our faith traditions compel us to care for those most in need, and providing adequate funding for an effective 2020 Census is a crucial prerequisite for federal policies and programs to respond to the needs of marginalized communities.

article We Support: Assembly Bill 453 (Limón) - College Student Hunger Apr 19, 2017

MAZON is pleased to support Assembly Bill 453 (Limón) which establishes an innovative approach to provide some support to food insecure students on California's college campuses. The "Food Insecure-Free Campus" designation would encourage and incentivize anti-hunger efforts on California's public university campuses. 

article Serving their country, struggling to feed their families Apr 18, 2017

"It's about a system that was designed to support them that is failing in that goal," said Leibman. "We have a military that takes care of its own. Well, here's a place where it's failing, so it needs to course correct." - Abby J. Leibman Read the full article on KPCC

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article We Support: WIC Association (NWA) in asking Congress to fund the WIC Program adequately Mar 30, 2017

NWA has written a letter to Congress asking for $6.36 billion for WIC in the FY 2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill to: Ensure that no eligible applicants be turned away; maintain current and anticipated WIC participation levels; ensure adequate funding for nutrition education, breastfeeding support, referral services, and administration; respond adequately to forecasts of food cost inflation; and provide funds to maintain clinic staffing and assure competitive salaries.

video MAZON Testifies before Congress Mar 29, 2017

We are so honored to have been invited again to testify before Congress. MAZON’s Vice President of Public Policy, provided unique and compelling testimony to the House Agriculture Committee on The Next Farm Bill: The Future of SNAP. Watch testimony

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