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President Biden Plan to Address Hunger is a Huge Step Forward

President Biden’s plan to address aggravated hunger in America due to COVID-19 is a huge step forward for the millions of Americans who are struggling against horrible odds during this time.


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Biden-Harris Administration Must Make Hunger a Priority in its First 100 Days

We know that it’s possible to end hunger in the United States and MAZON looks forward to working with the Biden-Harris Administration and the 117th Congress to realize our shared vision that no one faces hunger in this land of plenty.


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MAZON's Values and Vision for Ending Hunger

The incoming Biden-Harris Administration and 117th Congress have an unenviable job of trying to put this country back together, after four years of destruction and dismantling of America’s social safety net programs. MAZON urges our leaders in government to prioritize solutions to address the growing food insecurity crisis.


MAZON and Others Sue Trump Administration for Stripping Religious Freedom Protections for Vulnerable Americans

MAZON and our partners filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration for its illegal regulations stripping freedom of religious protections for those seeking critical services, including food assistance. The unlawful rule makes it harder for already marginalized populations to access essential social services as the U.S. continues to reel from a historic pandemic and economic collapse.


Following Violence, Congress Must Ensure Peaceful Transfer of Power

MAZON condemns the violence and urges Congress to move forward to ensure a peaceful transfer of power and to protect the nation’s most vulnerable who are often most at risk in moments of national crisis.


Working Families Facing Hunger Need Relief, Not More Red Tape

At a time when more families than ever are struggling to put food on the table, the federal government’s help has been too little and too late.


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Congressional COVID-19 Relief Bill Is ‘Too Little, Too Late’ for Nation’s Hungry

We are relieved to finally see an agreement from Congress. But we are also frustrated and disappointed because this is too little that comes far too late for the millions who have been suffering from hunger and food insecurity and waiting for help.


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MAZON Praises Biden's Selection of Deb Haaland for Secretary of Interior as "Historic Step"

President-Elect Joe Biden's decision to appoint New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland marks a historic moment for Indian Country, and for all those who work to strengthen Tribes’ sovereignty so they can ensure the health and wellness of their people.


New York Times Covers Military Hunger

Just days after Congress excluded a bipartisan provision to address military hunger, the New York Times reports on this long-overlooked issue and quotes Josh Protas, MAZON's Vice President of Public Policy.


MAZON Mourns the Passing of Theodore R. Mann

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of MAZON's Founding Board Chair, Theodore R. Mann. He was a remarkable visionary, a champion for the vulnerable, and a wise leader. His obituary has been posted in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, and JTA.


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