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Where’s the “Relief” in Mitch McConnell’s COVID-19 Relief Bill?

Does Mitch McConnell really think that providing more funds to help small businesses will help address the massive — and growing — food insecurity crisis in this country?


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MAZON Applauds House Passage of FY21 NDAA; Urges Senate to Support Military Families Facing Hunger

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021 includes a provision, championed by MAZON, to address hunger among currently serving military families.


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MAZON Mourns the Death of Representative John Lewis

John Lewis' memory will truly be a blessing, continuing to guide our path toward justice for all those facing hunger, poverty and inequity.


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MAZON President and CEO Abby J. Leibman Urges Everyone to Call Their Senator and Tell Them to #BoostSNAPNow

MAZON President & CEO Abby J. Leibman releases a video urging all to encourage their representatives to boost SNAP benefits in the wake of COVID-19.


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MAZON Praises New Report About Food Insecurity Among LGBT Older Adults

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger was the motivating force behind this qualitative research about food insecurity among LGBTQ older adults.


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Fighting Hunger and Recommitting to Justice

With every passing day, it becomes clearer that we need policymakers to lead with wisdom and compassion, to address the growing rates of hunger and hardship, and to acknowledge and confront longstanding issues of racial and economic injustice that clearly exacerbate those hardships.


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MAZON Commemorates Juneteenth & Recommits to Racial and Economic Justice

Today marks a day of commemoration of freedom, equality, and justice — the 155th anniversary of the day the last slaves in America were finally told they were free.



MAZON President & CEO Abby J. Leibman on the Importance of SNAP in the Wake of COVID-19

Watch MAZON President & CEO Abby J. Leibman Speak on the Importance of SNAP in the age of COVID-19.


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MAZON Stands in Solidarity With Racial Justice Protests

MAZON stands with those who face injustice throughout the United States.


Unanswered Questions Obvious Answers Hunger in the Age of COVID

Unanswered Questions, Obvious Answers: Hunger in the Age of COVID

This pandemic has exposed the gaping holes and inequities in our country’s safety net, and we can no longer ignore them, nor can we allow them to be ignored by our policymakers.


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