May Queen Esther inspire you to act on behalf of all those who struggle!

Purim Card 2020

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On Purim, we reflect on the powerful story of Esther – called on by her community and at great personal risk, she took on the mantle of leadership and advocated to change the fate of those who were marginalized. In her spirit, call out the injustice of hunger this Purim, and ask your community to support MAZON. Your community can use their collective voice, as Queen Esther used hers, to share the real story of hunger in America – and work together to rewrite that story.

This Purim and always, we share an obligation to care for the poor and hungry in our midst. With your help, we can meet that obligation: the Esther within each of us fighting for a better world, marked by justice and compassion, where every person can feed themselves with dignity.

You can engage as an individual by:

  • Supporting MAZON with a donation, a meaningful manifestation of the Purim tradition of giving Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’evyonim (gifts of food and charity). Purim eCards are available to send in lieu of Mishloach Manot.

You can engage with your congregation by:

  • Incorporating the injustice of hunger into your Purim Spiel or other observances (see below);
  • Running our ad in your newsletter/e-newsletter (see below);
  • Pledging to give MAOZN 3% of the cost of Purim festivities. If your synagogue chooses to make a donation, MAZON will send you Purim postcards to distribute to your congregants in lieu of Mishloach Manot.

MAZON has created a series of projects that connect hunger-related education and advocacy with the Jewish holidays. Find our Purim resource here.

Sharing stories of people struggling with food insecurity is a powerful way to help your congregation better understand the realities of who is hungry in America today and why.

Click here for stories from This Is Hunger, MAZON’s community engagement program. These stories are ideal for sharing in sermons or an alternative Purim spiel. For free, printed story cards with photographs and first-person narratives, please email info@mazon.org.

Hunger is as prevalent as it is pernicious. It is not restricted only to third world countries or people who are experiencing homelessness but has increasingly become the province of millions of families in highly industrialized nations, including the United States and Israel.

Click here to learn the facts about hunger, including an interactive map with statistics about hunger in your state.

Jewish Texts:
Click here for a compilation of Jewish texts that speak to our tradition's commitment to caring for the poor and hungry.

You may visit our colleagues’ websites to see additional thoughts on integrating the theme of hunger into your Purim observances:

  • “Just as our festivities on Purim turn societal hierarchy on its head, so must we seek to do a little to ease the disparity between the haves and the have nots in our country.” – Religious Action Center
  • “In giving matanot l’evyonim on Purim – and in the larger sense of pursuing social justice – we recognize the need to address the inequalities we see in our society. […] During this time of revelry and fun, of forgetting our usual inhibitions and turning our usual routines on their heads, let us also remember that we have the power to transform the lives of those who are suffering, to turn their days of mourning into days of joy.” – ReformJudaism.org
  • “Taken together, the mitzvot of Purim create a holiday that is more about giving than getting, and more about being concerned for the less fortunate than about spending money on oneself.” – Alan Lucas’s The Observant Life, by way of  The Rabbinical Assembly

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